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Challenge in Molecular Food Testing Seminar

PT Infiniti Bioanalyitika Solusindo has a routine agenda held annually which is a seminar. Each seminar that we held had a different theme adjusting to the issue that was interesting at the time. On 8 April The first seminar in the year 2019 was held in Yogyakarta. This Seminar was held on the theme of “Challenge in Molecular Food Testing”. Nowadays there are various types of food spread all over the place. And it is very important to ensure that the food process is safe to consume and the origin of the food is verified with the right certification. To determine this, molecular testing techniques are preferred compared to microbiological methods and antibodies due to easier sample processing. In addition, this method also saves more time and cost without decreasing the accuracy level. However, there are also challenges that will be faced in preparing the molecular method for food testing that will directly impact the results of the test. One of the things that is often considered by the agency to perform molecular testing is which technique should they use, End point PCR or Real time PCR? Usually the main consideration is sensitivity and validation. But there are actually many other factors to be aware of before determining which techniques are more precise such as attempts to optimize, the main goal of testing and cost. At this seminar, the speakers who are Technical Product Specialists of Eppendorf share information about the challenges and solutions. The Seminar was attended by institutions especially related to food testing in the area of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.  In addition to the presentation, we also have booth service for liquid handling and several product booths. Seminar participants can check with their pipette and see the instrument and how the work of some products in the booth. The products featured include Liquid Handling, Consumables Centrifuge and Mastercycler X50.

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