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Difference between measuring pipette and Volume pipette

Measuring pipette Difference and volume pipette – pipettes are laboratory equipment commonly used to measure volumes and move liquids from one container to another.

Pipettes have a common shape like a long pen, with tubes as containers of liquids, ends tapered as liquid entrances, and rubber vacuum on the top so the fluid can be sucked into the tube.

On the side of the pipette there are lines and numbers that are the volume size of the liquid that enters the pipette. Pipettes are usually made from plastic or glass materials with transparent tubes.

There are many kinds of pipettes used in laboratory activities where each pipette has a different function and level of accuracy. There is a type of pipette that functions simply to move chemical fluids from one place to another.

And there is also a type of pipette that has the function of measuring fluid volumes with a more accurate decimal count. This time will be discussed on the difference between measuring pipette and volume pipette. From both types of pipettes are often used in science laboratory activities.

Difference in pipette measurement and volume pipette design

The first difference lies in its design. Measuring pipettes have a long, straight shape with tapered edges, on the sides there are lines and numbers to measure the volume of fluid that enters the tube.

Measuring pipettes come in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.1 ml to 25 ml in size. While the volume pipette has an elongated tube shape with a bulging middle part.

On the part of the body that bubble is a scale of fluid volume according to its capacity. Available volume pipette size is generally 1 – 100 ml.

Difference of measuring pipette function with volume pipette

The difference in measuring pipettes and the volume pipette further lies in its function. Measuring pipettes have a function to measure different volumes of certain liquids before they are transferred to another container.

This is possible because measuring pipettes have size lines that can be used to measure fluid volumes. Where the volume of liquid will be moved on the side of the table.

The volume pipette can only be used to measure the volume of certain liquids according to their capacity. This makes the volume pipette a tool used when you want to measure the volume of a chemical liquid with a higher size of its accuracy.

For example, if you need a chemical liquid with a size of 20 ml, use a volume pipette with a 25 ml label on the side of the table. While measuring pipette is used when wanting to move liquids with a volume of 2 ml, 5 ml, 15 ml, and so on using only one tool.

How to use measuring pipettes and volume pipettes

Using measuring pipette and volume pipette is a little more. Both use filler or rubber suction to suck the liquid that will be transferred into the tube.

There are various sizes of fillers that have a different liquid sucking ability, choose fillers that are capable of siphon liquids with the desired amount of volume.

Rinse the pipette with the liquid you want to move to minimize the error in measurement. Then suction the liquid by pressing the filler until the liquid enters the tube. Copot Fillers then immediately attach your fingers to the mouth of the pipette and then set the volume until the underlying line is on the desired volume size line. This is the difference between measuring pipette and volume pipette.


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