Cara Menghitung Kompresi dengan Buret

How to calculate compression with Burette?

Sample inspection in the laboratory requires a number of important equipment, including burette. Burette itself serves to facilitate drip fluid during the sample test process.  A cylinder-shaped tool complete with a measuring line and a faucet cover at the bottom can help you calculate compression. Well, curious how to calculate compression with Burette? Here’s more explanation for you.

Clean the burette before use

One important thing to note, that before being used for testing, the Burette sample should be in a clean and dry state. Cleaning Burette is quite easy. You only have to wash the burette with clean water flowing. Add enough soap and rinse until clean burette perfectly. Next, rinse back the burette using distilled water to check the presence or absence of leakage in the faucet section. If there is no leakage, then the burette should be drained again using a lap.

How to use Burette

Once the burette is clean and ready to be reused, you should also learn how to use the burette properly. The burette has a high precision, so the user must be careful in measuring volume to avoid systematic confusion. During the process of charging burette with sample fluid, you must close the faucet at the bottom. Use a disposable dry transfer pipette to make it easier to incorporate sample fluids in Burette.

Do not stop here alone, you should also check the tip of the burette in order to avoid the presence of air bubbles. Although it looks trivial, the air bubbles in the Burette are very influential at the level of data accuracy to be obtained. So when you find the air bubbles, remove them by tapping the end of the burette when the sample fluid is flowing. In order not to exceed the desired volume, you will need to set it slightly slowly upon approaching the volume limit endpoint.

Menghitung kompresi dengan buret

Buret mungkin sering digunakan pada uji laboratorium medis, namun alat ini ternyata juga dapat membantu Anda mengukur kompresi kendaraan bermotor di dunia balap. Dengan menggunakan buret, Anda dapat menghitung perbandingan atau rasio silinder blok dan kubah head. Melalui hasil perhitungan yang presisi, maka mesin motor pun dapat bekerja secara maksimal. Lantas, bagaimana cara menghitung kompresi dengan buret?

Ada dua alternatif cara yang bisa Anda lakukan dalam menghitung kompresi dengan metode buret, yaitu dilakukan saat piston berada pada posisi TMA (Titik Mati Atas) maupun saat piston di posisi TMB (Titik Mati Bawah). Kedua perhitungan tersebut bahkan memiliki hasil yang berbeda, meski sama-sama menggunakan cairan berupa campuran bensin dan oli. Simak penjelasan cara menghitung kompresi dengan buret, sebagai berikut:

1. Calculation of piston in TMA position

How to calculate compression by Burette in the TMA piston position starts by opening the cylinder head to ensure the piston is actually in the peak position. Then, use grease as the linner coating with the piston gap. This step is mandatory so that the fluid in the burette remains in the burn chamber and does not drain into the crankcase.

Next, re-attach the cylinder to its original position and drop the fluid in the burette gently through the plug hole at the top of the cylinder. After that, you can calculate how much fluid volume you need to fully fill the burning space.  The results are then deducted the volume of the spark plug itself. Finally, add the result with the engine capacity.

rumus cara menghitung kompresi buret

2. Calculation of piston in TMB position

How to calculate compression with Burette when the piston is in the position of TMB you can also do with the same formula. However, the results are different. Usually, the result of compression ratio calculations on TMB measurements is lower around 0.1 or 0.2 only.

How, now that you can understand how to calculate compression by burette precisely, right? Before attempting your own measurements, make sure the entire trial kit is complete. If you still have equipment that is not available, you can visit the online store Infiniti Bioanalyitika Solusindo that provides complete laboratory equipment here. Hopefully useful, yes!



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