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4 Function of Tweezers According to the Type and Use

In general, the tweezers function is used to clamp small objects or tissue. From its form alone, you can recognize tweezers easily. There are two blades with one end connected to each other, while the other end is separate, so it can move freely. Not limited to work in the laboratory, tweezers are also widely used for medical activities, especially in surgery or surgery. Because it is made using stainless steel, this equipment is rust resistant and easily sterilized.

Before being used tweezers first go through the sterilization process. Starting with decontamination using 0.5% chlorine solution for about 10 minutes. Continue with the washing process using soap and brush, rinse until clean and sterilized by dry heat or chemically. For those of you who are not familiar with the function of tweezers according to their type and usage, here is a full explanation that can be considered.

Function of Tweezers by Type

1. Chirurgis tweezers

Chirurgis or sirurgis piset has a serrated shape which is its trademark. There are chirurgis tweezers with two teeth in one plane. However, there are also those who have 3-4 teeth in two fields. This type of chirurgis tweezers is the most commonly used by doctors to sew wounds.

The function of the tweezers itself is quite diverse, including cleaning the remains of stitches, pinching the gauze when pressing the wound, and forming a stitch pattern. Moreover, chirurgis tweezers will also be used by doctors to clamp thin and soft tissue and mark the surface of the skin before the incision process begins. To get chirurgis tweezers, you can buy them at the nearest health supply store.

2. Splinter tweezers

Compared to chirurgis tweezers, the size is smaller with a length of about 12 centimeters. The shape of the tip of the splinter tweezers is also not jagged, but sharp and sharp. Just like chirurgis tweezers, this type of tweezers is also used in the medical world, especially in surgical procedures. The function of this splinter tweezers is to prevent overlapping or adapt the wound edges. Some doctors also call this type of tweezers a renz forcep splinter.

3. Anatomic tweezers

At first glance, anatomical tweezers will look similar to chirurgis tweezers because they are almost identical in shape. Although both have jagged edges, anatomical tweezers do not have teeth of varying size as they do on chirurgis tweezers, because all teeth are flat. This medical equipment is one of the basic instruments of minor surgery that is always used by doctors in the operating and treatment room. Just like the types of tweezers before, this one tool can also be purchased at a health supply store or a trusted laboratory supply store.

4. Agrave tweezers

Also known as the suture clip applying forceps, agrave tweezers are also commonly used for wound treatment. The function of this agrave tweezers is to pin the ellipse on the wound. The goal is that the wound does not open again so that it can heal faster. From its shape, these agrave tweezers have a jagged tip and there are indentations on both sides of the tip. This curve is the place to press the elliptical tip in the treatment of wounds.

Although the types and functions of the tweezers mentioned earlier are different, they can all be used in the same way. Both medics and laboratories can operate tweezers using the thumb and two or three fingers in one hand. Well, spring pressure will appear when the fingers are pressing into the opposite fig. That way, tweezers are able to hold objects or small networks appropriately.

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