Nama Alat-Alat Laboratorium Yang Harus Anda Ketahui

Name of laboratory equipment you should know

The name of laboratory tools is very important to know. Because the laboratory itself is a place to do all scientific activities, whether it is experiment, research, until experimentation. Therefore, when you do not know the names of the tools, you will surely be confused when using them.

Here are some tools in the laboratory that you should know.

1. Measuring cup

Measuring cup is a laboratory instrument used to measure the volume of solutions. Volumes owned by the measuring cup vary greatly, ranging from 10 ml to 2 L. The measuring cup itself is shaped like a pipe and made of plastic (polypropylene). While the bottom is wide enough to maintain the stability of the measuring cup at the time of standing.

2. Erlenmeyer Flask

The name of the Erlenmeyer pumpkin itself is derived from “Emil Erlenmeyer”, a chemist from Germany. The pumpkin itself is a type of cone-shaped lab flask, neck-shaped cylinder, and on the base is a flat shape. Erlenmeyer is generally made of borosilicate glass, so it is resistant when heated. While its size starts from 50 to 500 ml. The Erlenmeyer flask itself serves to store liquids and is very often used for measuring and mixing. In microbiological laboratory, this one is very beneficial in microbial breeding process.

3. Reaction Tubes

The reaction tube is a glass made of plastic or glass. Its function is to mix, accommodate, until heating a variety of solid or liquid chemicals. The reaction tube has a wide range of sizes, and the size that is often used is 10-20 in diameter with a length of 50 to 200 mm. Not only small, but the reaction tube has a large size. The apparatus is called “boiling flask”.

4. Cup Cups

The next laboratory tool name is cup cups. The cup itself serves as a container. Cylinder-shaped, and has a flat base, cup cups are usually used against chemicals that have corrosive properties, and are made of PPTE. To prevent fluid loss or contamination, it is usually used as a cover glass with a watch cup. Size of cup cups ranging from 25 mL to 3 L.

5. Pumpkin destillation

The function of refining or distillation is to separate a solution contained in each of its components. Used to accommodate substances, especially substances that have a higher point during the distillation process. The tools found in this chemical laboratory have pipes leading to the sides. Later, the pipe is connected to the cooling glass when it is to be used for distillation.

6. Pumpkin measure

A volumetric flask is a glass-made tool that has a transparent color, so it is very easy to monitor. However, there are also dark-coloured and equipped with a cover that can withstand chemical reactions. The function of this tool is to dilute the drain to a certain volume. Having a pumpkin-like shape, it turns out that this tool can also be used in leaving analytic chemical solution with high accuracy amount and concentration. The accuracy is due to the neck that has a gradient circle, tolerance, volume, glass class, and temperature calibration. In addition, the neck also has a boundary that shows the size of the volume, ranging from 1 mL to 2 L.

Hopefully, the various reviews above can further enhance your insight into the name of laboratory equipment.


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