Prinsip Kerja Laminar Air Flow

Definition and Working Principle of Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air Flow is a tool with a work table that supports planting activities. Specifically this tool is used for the process of preparing plant material, or planting and transferring plants in the planting planting process. The working principle of Laminar Air Flow briefly is by blowing sterile air continuously and also consistently. So that it can make the workplace free from dirt, dust, and also mildew during the planting process.

Water Flow Laminar Formation Structure

In general, Laminar Air Flow works with the support of filter equipment. The first filter is the pre filter, the pre filter is the first stage of the filtering process by filtering from various objects which are classified as rough objects such as dust, and other small but gross invisible objects. The second filter system is known as the HEPA filter, which is useful for refining the filtering results from the pre filter so that the level of sterilization increases.

Both types of filters must be routinely cleaned and also need to be replaced if needed. Especially for the pre filter must be tried at least once a year to be replaced, because this tool is vital as a first stage filter and tends to be more prone to dirty and damaged. Laminar Air Flow is also equipped with lights that can emit ultraviolet light, and is equipped with a blower to support the sterilization process.

The principles of Laminar Air Flow can work

  1. Laminar Air Flow is used as a media or work table that is sterile and free of free radicals during the planting process. The main thing to emphasize is clean and sterile air which is blown continuously through a blower. The blower has been through the filtering process by using the filter tools mentioned above.
  2. So that the filtering process can run perfectly and more sterile, before using Laminar Air Flow must first be turned on for at least 30 minutes, and also turn on the ultraviolet lamp. If you want to be cleaner you can also do it by spraying with alcohol so that the level of cleanliness is more maintained.
  3. Once deemed clean enough and sterile do not forget to turn on the blower. This blower will always maintain the Laminar Air Flow or the working table can be maintained stable. When being turned on, it is important not to place any objects that can interfere with the filtering process. Keep any objects so they are not located near the work table, especially in the blower.
  4. For the sake of job security try to be careful and not do various activities that can trigger a fire. Always make sure not to leave anything behind, including cotton and used bottles after using this tool. By maintaining cleanliness and also safety, the planting process will also run better and will give satisfying results.

How to care for Laminar Air Flow so durable

In order for Laminar Air Flow to be used for a long period of time, there must be maintenance procedures that must be taken. The first is to be diligent and painstaking to clean up all the remaining activities using Laminar Air Flow using a soft cloth or can also with a tissue. Secondly before using laboratory equipment such as knives, tweezers and others need to be distilled with alcohol. Third, make sure all parts of the Laminar Air Flow have been turned off when it is finished so that the Laminar Air Flow Working Principle runs well when it will be used again.

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