Next Generation Sequencing and Sample Preparation

The second Seminar was held at Hotel Bidakara Jakarta on September 10, 2019. Next Generation Sequencing is the main theme for this seminar. Next Generation Sequencing has progressed rapidly in the last 10 years. From the identification causes of the disease to mutation to agricultural activator repairs through genotyping by sorting, NGS is a very powerful tool for researchers. This Seminar aims to share information about progress in Next Generation Sequencing and its application from one of NGS experts from central Genon National, Eijkman Institute, Mr. Hidayat Trimarsanto. In addition, one of the points that is not less important is preparation and the sample management. This will affect the quality of the samples and will certainly give you great results. In this seminar also discussed about the things to be considered in preparation ranging from using the right consumables and choosing the right freezer up to the tool for monitoring. Just like in previous seminar seminars, we provide a service booth for participants who want to check and cleaning for their pipettes. In addition there is also a booth-booth so that the seminar participants can see directly some tools from Eppendorf and can directly consult about the tools in the booth such as Liquid Handling, Consumables, Centrifuge, Incubator Shaker, CO2 Incubator and freezer. This Seminar was held to coincide with the 7th Anniversary of Bioanalyitika Solusindo. We continue to provide the best to Customers with premium product line such as Eppendorf, GFL, CertoClav, proRheo, Biotecon, Lab Bubble and Labnet. We also provide the best after-sales service with superior technical support. In the framework of Anniversary Infiniti, we give appreciation to PT Smart TBK which is Loyal customers.

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