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How to Use Measuring Cups You Need to Know

Hopefully the following way to use measuring cup can increase your knowledge about measuring cup. However, for those of you who don’t know what a measuring cup is, the following discussion is complete.

Measuring cup for the laboratory

Are you a researcher or often visit the laboratory? Surely you will not be familiar with objects called measuring cups. This is because the measuring cup will always be found in the laboratory, and even becomes one of the objects that must be in the laboratory. Usually, a large measuring cup made of polypropylene which is also known as a transparent and lightweight material. Although famous for being strong, it turns out that this measuring cup is so light, but more fragile when compared to glass. For those of you who are very often in contact with chemicals, of course you already know that measuring cups cannot be used to measure solutions or liquids that are still hot.

In addition, measuring cups are also called mixing cylinders. This is because the measuring cup is one measure of liquid volume, but is not permitted to be used as a tool in volumetric analysis. Measuring cup itself serves to measure the volume of liquid that has a low accuracy, for example reagents / reagents, which are used to make standard / secondary solutions, for titrimetric / volumetric analysis or to analyze qualitative chemicals. For the model and size itself there are 5 ml to 2 liters. Measuring cup has two accuracy classes. Class A has twice the accuracy in Class B.

In addition, measuring cups can also have a single or double scale. For a single scale alone, it allows you to read volumes starting from the top down, whereas for a double scale it allows readings on filling and pouring. Calibration for measuring cups consists of two, namely:

To accommodate

Shows the volume of liquid in the measuring cup, marked as “TC”.

to move

Shows the volume of liquid poured. The trick is to calculate the remaining liquid that is left in the cylinder.

How to use a measuring cup

To use a measuring cup is actually very easy for you to do. The trick is for a colorless solution, then you only need to look at the concave meniscus border at the bottom. Make sure that the measuring cup is on a flat surface. That way, the meniscus can be read parallel to your eyes.

In addition, measuring cups with beakers turned out to be different. Most people still think that they are the same, because their use in the laboratory is equally helpful. Measuring cup is a glass that is not only used as a container of chemicals, but also as a liquid measuring instrument. Whereas beakers are beakers used to hold only liquids.

Reading the scale contained in a measuring cup is also very easy. The trick is to see the size that is printed on the glass itself. For those of you who need high accuracy, always make sure that the measuring cup has been placed on a flat surface. Measuring cup can not only measure liquid objects, but can also be used to measure solid objects, such as flour to sugar.

In addition to measuring cups, there are still many other laboratory equipment used for research needs. However, in this discussion it is only devoted to getting closer to measuring cups, to how to use measuring cups.

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