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Taking Charge of Your PCR Environment
It is common knowledge that impeccably designed primers is the key to success of a PCR experiment. This, together
with the right mix of reagent components, high quality nucleic acid template and a trusted thermal cycler is all it takes toget the reaction going.

There are, however, unsuspecting factors that could easily compromise a PCR experiment. The threat of PCR
contamination is one of them. Its presence will automatically invalidate any result generated and almost impossible to
eliminate when it happens. Other factors such as evaporated reactions and the reliability of tools and machineries could also affect the final outcome of a PCR. Strict measures must therefore be practised to guarantee proper handling of the reaction. Proper controls are integral to identification of errors.

Additionally, understanding the cyclers and the maintenance of machineries involved will lead to a higher confidence on the results generated. The objective of this seminar is to divulge useful knowledge on how to provide security and
ultimately total confidence to your PCR experiments.

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