Eppendorf Detection Clini

Eppendorf detection clinic is a service to help you find a better product for reproducibility.

Synopsis: Detection Clinic

When you use a spectrometer or any photometer device, do you find that sometimes you cannot reproduce your results
among the various replicates or that you get inconsistent measurements? Sometimes even, you may get results that are
difficult to interpret.

Have you ever felt that sometimes you follow protocols but you find that you do not really understand what the photometer reading tells you? If you have ever had any of these concerns, then this detection clinic serves to address these.

The clinic will cover the fundamentals of absorbance and fluorescence photometry and you will exposed to tips and
tricks to ensure that you get a good sample preparation prior to taking a reading and it will delve on aspects to
troubleshoot if you do not get a proper reading.

We will also talk through the features of a photometer that you need to consider which will ensure better reading reproducibility

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