Fungsi Corong dalam Dunia Penelitian

Funnel Functions in the World of Research and Types

The function of the actual funnel, apparently not everyone knows. Most people assume that this funnel is only used to move liquid form substances from one place to another. In fact, more than that, in the world of research, funnels have several functions. The following is a complete review of the function of the funnel, as well as the types and ways of using it.

Funnel Sections and Sizes

Broadly speaking, the funnel only has two parts, namely the mouth and funnel stem. When viewed from the material, there are two types of funnel, namely funnel with rubber or plastic material and funnel with glass material. Although both are used to move liquids, this type of liquid will distinguish which type of funnel to use.

Especially for the glass funnel, there are several sizes provided, from smallest to largest. Some of the available funnel diameters include 50, 75, 100, 150 and 120 mm. Meanwhile, the length is adjusted to the size of the upper diameter.

Types of Funnels

When viewed from the shape and designation, there are several types of funnel. Here are some of them

1. Funnel Glass (Funnel Conical)

This funnel is most often used in the world of research. The shape is the same as a funnel in general, it’s just that the material used is of glass, rubber, or plastic. Usually, this funnel is used to move the solution from one place to another or it can also be used for the filtering process by first coating the top with filter paper.

2. Bucher Funnel

Another type of funnel that is also often used in research is the funnel bucher. Not only used to move liquids from one place to another. But at the same time filter out the transferred fluid. Not surprisingly, this object is usually used more to move a solution that requires filtering. In use, this funnel needs the help of a vacuum pump.

3. Separatory Funnel

Unlike the two previous types, this funnel is even more specific, both in form and function. Viewed from its shape, this funnel made of glass has a rounded top with a filling hole at the top, where the bottom has a valve. Meanwhile, if seen from its function, this funnel is used to separate two liquids which have different density in the extraction process.

Funnel Function

As explained earlier, funnels have different functions for each type. It’s just that, in outline the same function, which is to move the liquid from one place to another as well as a place for the extraction process. Here are more complete functions of the funnel:

  1. A device for transferring or entering liquids or solutions from one place to another that has a small mouth, such as a bottle, measuring flask, or burette.
  2. Tool to assist in the process of filtering a solution, by first coating the top with filter paper.
  3. And tools to assist in the extraction process of a solution of up to two liquids can be separated in only one tool.

How to Clean a Funnel

So that the funnel can be durable, well maintained, and avoid contamination, it must be cleaned every time it will be used or after completion of use. The way to clean it is quite easy. You just wash with soap and water, then rinse with clean water. After that, dry it with a soft cloth and store it in a safe place.

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