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Difference between Viscometer Stormer and Viscometer Brookefield

Viscometer is a tool to measure the level of viscosity of liquid substances. Viscosity itself is a measure of the level of viscosity of a liquid or called a fluid. The level of viscosity of the fluid is very necessary in order to know the flow properties of the liquid. The viscosity level is measured using a cylindrical tube.

The use of a viscometer is very often used laboratory equipment. Its function is to measure liquid in laboratory studies. There are many types of viscometer that are often used for research. Although the main function of the viscometer as a measure of viscosity of liquid, each viscometer also has another function that is different from one another.

There is a viscometer to measure how long it takes liquid to flow and reach a certain mark. There is also a viscometer that is used to measure the force of gravity and also the calculation of the frictional force. Then there is a viscometer to measure the absolute viscosity of the liquid.

Some viscometers that are frequently used are Viscometer Stormer and Viscometer Brookefield. These two viscometers have in common that can be used to measure the level of rheology and viscosity of liquid in Newton’s and non-Newton’s systems. Rheology itself is a picture of solid deformation and also the flow of liquid.

Then what is the main function of Viscometer Stormer and Viscometer Brookefield? How do the two viscometers work? And is there a difference between Stormer and Brookefield? You can see the info below.

Definition of Stormcom Viscometer

Viscometer Stormer is a viscometer used to measure the degree of viscosity of substances present in paint. Viscometer Stormer is often used by paint products companies. The workings of this viscometer measure through the speed of rotation of the liquid.

Understanding Viscometer Brookefield

Viscometer Brookefield is used to measure the thickness of a liquid in a simple way. Brookfield is often used because the way it is used is very easy and the results of measurements using this tool are quite accurate and precise.

Difference between Stormer and Brookefield

Although these two tools have in common to measure the viscosity of liquids, the two viscometers also have different functions. It can be seen from the above review that the main difference between the two viscometers is the working principle of this viscometer. Viscometer Stormer measures the rate of rotation of the liquid while Brookefield measures the flow of the liquid being studied.

The way the Viscometer Brookefield works is quite easy. All you have to do is place the sample on the instrument and wait for a few minutes to reach a certain temperature. After that you can record the results that appear in accordance with the standards.

Whereas the Viscometer Stormer has a liquid stirring rotor as its main mechanical. If the rotor rotates faster then it indicates that more shear stress samples are above the yield value.

If the Stormcom Viscometer is widely used in paint products companies, Brookefield Viscometer is more widely used in mineral water products companies. This shows that the application of the two viscometers is intended for different products.

From some of the reviews above, we can find out that Viscometer Stormer and Viscometer Brookefield have different functions and ways of working, even though they both have working principles in accordance with the Non Newton system.

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