Cara Kerja Inkubator Laboratorium

How laboratory incubators work and how to choose an incubator

In the Modern technology Era

The way laboratory incubator works – the laboratory is a special place or room that is used to perform a variety of experiments. Whether it be experiments or research chemistry, biology, FI and others.

In a controlled environment, it is equipped with a wide range of equipment and supplies, one of which is incubator.

Incubators are usually more widely used for activities in biological laboratories such as microbiological incubators. Because of its function is used to grow microorganisms or tissue culture in a more controlled and isolated environment.

Principles and how incubator works

The way laboratory incubator works is to maintain the condition and level of humidity, temperature in the appliance, and other conditions. As well as including gas levels in it such as oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and so on.

So that the microorganisms in it can grow well in an ideal environment and not contaminated with outside air. In addition to being used for biological laboratory needs, incubators are also used on farms to inhabit their parent substitute eggs.

There is also an incubator that is used in hospitals to store infants who need special care after birth.

Generally, laboratory incubators have the basic function to regulate the temperature in the insulation chamber equipped with a timer so that the user can set the time according to the incubation period needed.

Then comes a variety of incubator types with additional functions and other features. For example, a feature to control moisture levels, controlling certain gas levels in the incubation space.

There is even a shaker incubator that is useful for mixing cultures, and other features. The modern incubator has been easier to use just to stay by arranging the desired incubation conditions using the buttons or knobs available on the appliance.

Choosing the right laboratory incubator

In addition to knowing how the laboratory incubator works that you can choose according to the needs in the lab, the size and capacity of the tools are also important factors when you want to buy an incubator.

Calculate how many samples are usually done in a single time period in the lab. And then choose an incubator that has enough space capacity to include those samples.

Then specify the coverage of temperature, humidity, and gas settings. That is usually your work area because each incubator has a different scope.

There is an incubator that is more suitable for isolating cultures with lower temperature there is also that need higher humidity.

To ensure the regulated temperature is dispersed perfectly into the entire sample, there are several techniques that the incubator uses to disperse heat. Yaiut no one uses a direct heating system, there use water or air as its conductors.

Incubators with water as heat conductors have a more beneficial way of laboratory incubator work. If there is a drop in electricity because water still keeps hot temperature. And it can still last up to 5x longer than direct heating.

Incubation with a direct heating system can keep the temperature inside the incubator spread perfectly to all existing samples, because heating is done from the entire wall incubator.

Another feature you can consider to choose a laboratory incubator is the system. A system that can reduce the risk of contamination in culture samples in incubators. The presence of HEPA air filter system, the use of antimicrobial materials in the machine, to the door that

Transparent glass. The aim is that researchers can see the culture condition without having to open the lid of incubator tools. You can also get an incubator equipped with a display with touch screen technology, not only a timer but also alarms, removable shelves, up to a USB port for data storage purposes. That’s an explanation of how modern laboratory incubators work.

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