Memahami Fungsi Alat-alat Laboratorium

Understanding the Function of Laboratory Equipment

The laboratory is a place for all scientific activities that include research, measurement and experimentation. This type of laboratory consists of chemical laboratories, physics laboratories and biology laboratories and so on.

The Function of Laboratory Equipment

The function of laboratory equipment is generally divided into 3 groups, namely measuring instruments, storage devices, and supporting tools. Measuring devices are useful in establishing the exact amount of liquid. Whereas the storage device is useful as a container to store chemicals, not to measure the quantity of chemicals.

For a research or experiment to run smoothly, it requires standard and complete laboratory equipment. The functions of laboratory equipment are as follows:

1. Measuring cup

Serves to measure the volume of the solution ranging from 10 mL to 2 L. Generally shaped like a pipe made of plastic with a wide bottom which is the foot to maintain the balance of the measuring cup.

2. Pumpkin Measure

Pumpkin is a chemical tool that is often used in measuring solutions to a certain volume. Besides the measuring flask is often also used to leave analytical chemical solutions in high accuracy concentrations. On the neck of the measuring flask has a gradation circle, glass class, volume, and calibration temperature.

There is also a border mark on the neck that shows the size of the volume, from 1 mL to 2 L. Usually, the measuring flask has a transparent color and some are dark colored made of polyethylene which is resistant to chemical reactions.

3. Beaker Cup or Cup Glass

This laboratory tool is used as a place to store and make chemical solutions. This glass has a dose but is not used to measure the volume of liquid.

4. Glass Funnel

Glass funnel consists of two types, namely a funnel that uses glass and a funnel that uses plastic. The function of a glass funnel is used to move chemical solutions from one place to another. It is also used to do filtering that has been given filter paper.

5. Burette

Burette functions for titration, but in certain circumstances is also often used to measure a volume of chemical solution.

6. Filler (rubber suction)

Serves to suck the chemical solution from a bottle of solution. For solutions other than water, it is recommended to use a filler that has been connected to a measuring pipette.

7. Watch Glasses

The watch glass functions to close during the process of heating the chemical solution, to weigh or measure chemicals, and to dry the chemical in a desiccator.

8. Legs

Three feet as a place to support when doing the heating process with spiritus burners.

9. Mortal and Pastle

As a container for smoothing crystalline solid chemicals.

10. Safety Glasses

Safety glasses function to protect the eyes from harmful substances or materials that can cause eye irritation. In addition to protection from metal vapors, fire, dust powder, fog until the chemicals that explode during the heating process.

11. Ring

The ring is used for separating funnel clips during the separation process and for placing funnels when filtering.

12. Clamps and Statives

Serves to clamp the soklet during extraction, clamp the burette in the titration process, and clamp the condenser during the distillation process.

13. Crucible

Crucible is made from porcelain which is inert, which is useful for heating the metal.

14. Wire Mesh

Gauze is useful for holding a pumpkin or beaker in a heating process that uses a spiritic heater.

15. Filter Paper

Filter paper is useful for filtering chemical solutions.

Thus some laboratory equipment and the function of laboratory equipment that is often used in a chemical laboratory that needs to be known.

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