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Besides Pipettes, Turns Out We Also Need to Know the Function of Measuring Cups in the Lab!

Each will make a solution or add a certain chemical substance there is certainly a size that must be obeyed. And it is one of the measuring cup functions. This understanding is certainly very important to be well considered so that the function is not compromised. Because it ultimately affects the test process that is being done. This measuring cup certainly has a variety of sizes that can be adjusted to the needs of each.

Use of appropriate measuring cup function

To obtain a valid measurement result, it must be measured in the right way. By applying the correct way, you will not have a measurement error even though there are few. Can not arbitrarily read the numbers listed on the body of this measuring cup so that the function of measuring glasses can be optimized as best as possible.

Here are some things you should look out for when using a measuring cup:

  1. Ensure that the measuring cup is cleaned and dry before it is used to measure or store the solution as a container
  2. Put the fluid according to the desired needs on the measuring cup, you can estimate through the numbers that are there
  3. Measuring cup should be removed with the thumb part facing the desired volume limit
  4. Lift the measuring cup until aligned with the eyes and see if the liquid is poured.
    It meets the desired needs or yet to be adjusted again with pre-made rules.

It was impressed as something easy to do but and Aharus really jellies and cautiously. Especially if the smaller size of the measuring cup used, then you should also be more thorough to be able to make an estimate or calculation using one of these lab tools of course.

Notes for measuring cup function

The glass used to measure the volume of this solution does have some special things that you can not ignore for granted because the future will be related to the accuracy of the measurement results obtained. Here are some special notes to note in using measuring cups:

  • If the solution or liquid will be measured in color then you should really pay attention to the meniscus line at the top. When reading the results of the measurement then you should make the position of the measuring cup completely parallel to the eyes while reading the meniscus line
  • Notice that the colorless solution is measured then you should pay attention to the concave lines that are at the bottom with the same rules that the measuring cups are in the parallel places and read straight with the eyes
  • As for the special measurement of mercury, the boundary line is a meniscus that is a the same as the same rule that is parallel to the location when it is read. It would be nice if you put it on the table so it is definitely a flat location and makes it easy for you to keep it parallel with the eyes while reading.

Knowing some of those notes will help you to actually get accurate measurement results. For each type of fluid is different way of reading or part to be aware of. So you can not equally flatten the way of reading for each type of liquid or a different solution. Paying attention to various things in more detail will certainly help you to get the right results easily. Taking measurements using the utilization of the measuring cup function is quite easy to apply the original with attention to the clarity in reading the results of its measurements.


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