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Volume pipette Types and functions

For those of you who are often in a laboratory is certainly familiar with volume pipettes. If used to be in high school with SCIENCE lesson surely also already very familiar with this object. The Volume pipette function turns out to be very diverse and very useful for people who are piloting. Although this tool looks very simple but the process of making this object requires precision. In addition to the accuracy of this tool should also be measured by techniques that are very precise and must meet a certain level of precision to be created properly.

Volume Pipette function

Volume pipette Fungi are for the transfer of fluids used in the testing process with a very small start amount up to the other size of the examiner. The trick is to suck the fluids that will be moved by using the mouth slowly the land. So it is very important to keep in mind when using this tool should be enough days especially when it will move various types of harmful liquids.

Volume pipettes are essential for the testing of biological testing, such as molecular biology, as well as testing of chemical tests included in the Analytical Chemistry section. Not only there, but various medical science practices also require a volume pipette. This tool is generally made with transparent material, and very helpful in moving various types of liquids and other liquid substances.

Volume Pipette Shape

The pipette itself is a tool that has a cylindrical shape and is quite long. If further observed the shape of the pipette will resemble the form of drinking straw. Generally made from glassware or glass and transparent. It is also commonly used in milliliters or ml units. So that the shape and size of the pipette are very suitable and very helpful to certain testing processes that require a high level of accuracy. This type of pipette is actually quite different because it is very important to understand the type and its usefulness so as not to use and cause failure in the testing process.

Types of pipette types and their functions

Different types of pipettes will certainly provide different benefits, here are several types of pipettes.

1. Pipette or chemical dropper

This pipette works and is useful as a tool to move a certain amount of fluid. These pipettes have a precise level and also high levels of accuracy. This pipette consists of two types that are the first one is a micropipette that has a small to small size. The second is a type of macro with a size and also a fluid volume greater than the first type.

2. Pipet ukur

This type of measuring pipette is also commonly referred to as measuring pipette. This pipette has the greatest size up to 50 ml and is also useful for moving various types of solutions in the test process.

3. Pipette Drops

This pipette drops very unique because it is able to move various types of liquids by drop by drop from one container to another.

4. Buret Pipette

This burette pipette has a very good function in measuring a liquid that is issued during the titration process.

5. Volume Pipette

These volume type pipettes have other forms of pipette types. The Volume pipette function is actually almost the same as other pipettes. The middle or bulging part is useful for moving and taking liquids or solutions with specific volumes in accordance with the volume labels found in the bulging parts. In taking the solution can be manually, but also can use a suction tool called a pipette pump or propipette.


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